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Wednesday, 10 August 2011


New Yorker Jean Nidetch, who described herself as an 'overweight house wife, obsessed with eating cookies', formed weight watchers in 1961.

It was born when she decided that the only way to stick to a sensible diet was by organising regular support meetings.

Weight Watchers is a slimming program that spans the world and counts its membership over the last 40 years in the millions with Fergie advocating it.

They say, 'As the world leaders in healthy weight loss, we pride ourselves in taking the latest, proven and global nutrition research and turning it into a highly effective and flexible weight loss plan that really works.

As the weight loss experts, we know how to help people learn how to lose weight and keep it off. For nearly 50 years, a combination of healthy eating, activity, small changes in behaviour and group support has been at the heart of the Weight Watchers philosophy. Now, with the new ProPoints plan, it’s easier than ever to make the smart food and activity choices that put you on the road to weight loss success for the long term.