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Thursday, 25 March 2010

My fight with chocolate

Well, another day flown by just by way of a change !!! When did a minute suddenly feel like a second?

Started the day with a good 20 minute walk and then porridge for breakfast. Popped out with a friend and called at a local Farm Shop which has the most GORGEOUS range of chocolates but I kept my face straight ahead and went to the fresh vegetables to buy some for my vegetable lasagna tonight.

Everything was going fine I even made it to the counter without picking any chocolate up and then had to deal with paying while staring at my most favourite chocolate of all time. The mini Lindt chocolate eggs mmmmm, my mouth is watering just thinking about them. I used to love to suck them until they made the roof of my mouth sore but I was really determined and left without picking up anything naughty.

Made it back to the car feeling really chuffed with myself then my friend passed me a mini Lindt bunny which she had bought me. " OMG " I mean its rude to give things back and the trouble was it was about 2.0pm when we got back so I was rather ready for some lunch and at the end of the day its only tiny so it can't be many sins - can it???

Well, it was two late a minute later as I had eaten the head first and then the body before I even had chance to get onto my computer to see how many sins it was. I guess I shouldn't have looked really as my jaw dropped in surprise when it said 10.5 sins !!! I mean how ridiculous is that - it was only a monthful.

I felt pretty wacked this afternoon so went for a rest in the hope that the saying that you lose weight while you sleep would deduct the 10.5 sins I had just eaten and tried to count myself doing press ups instead of counting sheep.

Of course I was starving when I woke up as I hadn't really eatn much so I had an apple (free) and some cottage cheese (also free) then started to make my vegetable lasagna.

I found a recipe on the Slimming World website for a tomato based pasta sauce that was free on green and adapted it slightly myself. It was truly delicious even though I say so myself. I can give you the recipe if you ask for it.

Anyway, full of pasta and vegetable tomato sauce my pudding was a baked apple with cinnamon and creme fresh and I feel really really full so I guess all in all, not a bad dieting day today. Lets hope tomorrow is another good one as I always think your first week is the hardest and if you can get into the diet straight away and lose some weight quickly it really spurs you on.

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Day One of Slimming World Club Diet

After suffering badly for the last week with terrible back pain in which I consoled myself by eating anything and everything, as if my throat was being cut, I had decided that no matter what, I was going to join the Slimming World Club Diet last night as the weight gain was getting beyond a joke and certainly no joke to my health either.

I'd been a member of this club before and a couple of friends have been going for a few weeks now so I didn't feel in the least bit uncomfortable rejoining.

As usual a new book comes out at the beginning of every New Year but this time the latest Extra Easy Diet is at the front of the book and the Green Days and Red Days at the back. If you read the Extra Easy it implies you can eat as much as you like of fruit, vegetables (including potatoes) and pasta which to me seems impossible to lose weight on.

Anyway, I'm going to stick with the Red or Green Day diet until I really work out the Extra Easy as I would be so embarrassed if I went back after my first week and had gained some weight rather than lost some.

Today I've had a funny day in that I had a preplanned meal out which had a menu which was difficult to choose from, but without all the chocolates and biscuits I had been eating before, I felt I'd had a good day, no matter what.

Tomorrow I'm putting a list on the fridge of FREE green foods and FREE red so that I don't have to keep looking in the book and I'm going online to copy some new recipes. Then on Friday when we do our usual shop my shopping list will be full of the right foods for the diet.

I HAVE to lose this weight for myself, my back and my family and friends who suffer with me when I'm in pain and hopefully with the support of the club, friends and this diary which I am going to write daily I will see a light at the end of the tunnel to fighting what seems to have been a never ending battle to lose weight.

The Victorians way of eating

The Victorians typically ate 8 - 10 portions of fruit and vegetables daily, in a diet that contained far higher levels of vitamins and minerals than occur in todays nutrient depleted processed foods. They also consumed a lot less salt, sugar and alcohol and tobacco than us, Victoran era-hitorian writer - Dr. Judith Rowbothan, based in Nottinghamshire.

Prior to 1900 fruit and vegetables were cheap, grown mainly in allotments or gardens. Yeast was there secret to strong immune systems and bread which was stone-ground had large amounts of yeast in it as did the beer they drank which was unfiletered and full of yeast.

Yeasts have recently been clinically proven in both animal and human studies to boost our immune system. Unfortunately modern yeast based foods such as processed mass produced breads do not contain these beta glucans, they are emoved in the refining process.

From the mid-19th Century, the birth rate rose and deaths fell - people started living longer because they were better nourished than previously believed. Adult life expectancy was 75 for men and 73 for women, but they generally remained in good health until their last few weeks of life. This implies that current advice for five portions of fruit and vegetables a day is insufficient.

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Can't join Slimming World tonight

I was really up for rejoining Slimming World Club again tonight with my friend after a good day yesterday and I've hardly ate anything today. But there is a reason I'm not eating much and that's because my back has gone out again and I think it has something to do with the pain, as I just don't feel like much at all.

I hope it settles down soon as when its bad like this I cannot do anything really except rest, rest, and rest which means no burning up of calories.

I've managed to keep myself busy as I've set up a new blog for my local community and also a Facebook page and to be honest with you I do find writing does take my mind off the pain.

I'm hoping the scales tomorrow will show a weight loss, as I've had a red day yesterday (protein) and a green day (carbohydrates) again today without any worries although I must admit I do still find I am fuller on a green day rather than a red.

Sunday, 14 March 2010

Why is losing weight so hard?

Another day gone by and after having two such fabulous days I was really chuffed yesterday when I found out that I had lost 3lbs since Thursday (48hrs) which obviously had something to do with fluid while away on holiday.

Anyway, I felt so chuffed with myself that I decided I would do another carb day and treat myself to a hot cross bun at tea time as we had some friends coming over for the night and were arriving around 4ish.

I kept on the carbs all day and had porridge for breakfast then melon, banana and cottage cheese for lunch followed by a low fat yogurt. I enjoyed the hot cross bun at tea time and had already decided I would drive to the Italian that night so that I would just drink low cal drinks.

Everything was going hunky dory until we sat waiting for our food. The Restaurant was mega mega busy and we seemed to be the last table in a full Restaurant at 8.30pm by which stage we were all rather hungry. Forty five minutes later and we had only just got our drinks order but we were all so hungry that we asked for some garlic bread to nibble on. Big mistake number one !! My starter was Mussels which isn't exactly filling but when I ordered it I was thinking of my diet but by the time it arrived I was dipping the bread in the sauce like my throat had been cut.

My main course was pasta with a tomato sauce which I knew would be ok on a green/carb day so enjoyed that but again we had to wait a while so when it did come I completely cleared the plate of pasta.

By this stage everyone except for myself on the table (4 of us) were well and truly tanked up after drinking for so long and they all wanted a sweet course - mistake number two!!! I said I would share my husbands.He'd ordered chocolate and vanilla ice-cream which arrived with a gorgeous chocolate stick in it.

I'm sure by now you know what I am going to say and yes I really did enjoy the biscuit and most of the chocolate ice cream as well. I did then persuade us all to go home for coffee before any more goodies arrived at the table but when I got home I decided to have a last drink with the others as I was just not in the same frame of mind as anyone else ( you know the feeling).

I opted for Bailey's so I'm sure you know the outcome and a few Bailey's later we all retired to bed and yes when I got on the scales this morning the two pounds I had lost was straight back on again with another half pound thrown in for good measure.

Today being Mother's Day my husband has cooked all day for me and we all had bacon sandwiches for breakfast which was fine as I had already decided today would be a red/protein day. After our friends left I went for a long walk, well 20 minutes, but seemed long to me. We did not have lunch until late afternoon as other members of the family were coming but I just about managed to wait until it was ready, even though I was really really hungry.

Fortunately I did say to the kids no chocolates for Mothers Day but deep down I was hoping some would arrive so I could use the excuse that I had to eat them as it was Mothers Day but instead got some lovely fresh flowers.

Lunch cooked by my husband was lovely and perfect for my diet which was roast lamb with vegetables followed by strawberries and creme fresh. Its now 7pm and I am still not feeling hungry and back into the lose weight mode and just hope that tomorrow can be as successful as last Thursday and Friday as I join the Slimming Club on Tuesday night !!!!!

Friday, 12 March 2010

Herbal Tablets that eats up your carbohydrates

I was reading an article on DEcarb pills which are made from kidney beans and are supposed to held prevent you from digesting carbohydrates. As we all know eating too many carbs puts weight on basically because the starchy is converted directly into sugar, and any that is not used is stored as fat.

DEcarb contains a high concentration of phaseolamin which is a study showed that a 1.5g tablet cut the amount of carbs absorbed in a meal by up to 66%.

I decided to have a look at website which was extremely knowledgeable and lets you do a quick survey to see what type of eater you are. Mine was spot on when it said that I am a 35% Reward Eater - as a reward eater it says I may find it easy to moderate my food intake most of the time but when I feel "out of sorts" (with my back problem is very, very often) then I turn to food to make myself feel better. True, very very true. It also said that I am 33% Hungry Dieter - as a hungry eater I have all the best intentions and understand what I need to do but regularly denying myself of food just leaves me feeling too hungry. Finally it said I was a 32% Disorganised Eater - which basically means what it says that I eat when I'm hungy and don't think about what I am eating.

It then said I would benefit from the Decarb Tablets with my weight loss and I must admit I did think that if I do the Green Day on Slimming World which is mainly carbs and took these at the same time then would that mean I would lose twice as much weight????

Well I've yet to discuss it with my other half as its quite a few pennies to buy and I also want to join Slimming World next week. I'd love to hear from anyone who has tried the Decarb Tablets as I think that would sway me either way.

Started the day full of enthusiasm

Well I've started the day full of enthusiasm and have been on a 20 minute walk with the dog and only had one slice of toast instead of my usual two. I had words with my husband this morning to hide any chocolate that is left from what he bought yesterday and I am just about to sit down with my Slimming World book to make my shopping list. Lets hope the rest of my day continues like this.

Its now evening and I've managed to get through today really well without feeling too hungry. For lunch I had a baked potato filled with a small tin of Heinz Spaghetti followed by a fat free yogurt which is all free on a green day on Slimming World.

I bought myself some chocolate limes as they looked the lowest of all the sweets to have in instead of chocolate and had my allowance of three throughout the day. During the afternoon I just had an apple and for dinner I had another very large baked potato filled with Cottage Cheese and Pineapple which really made me feel full.

I decided to do a Green Day for the start of my diet as I find Carbohydrates far more filling than Protein and with fruit being free on both days I knew I could enjoy that in between each meal.
I finished my evening meal off with a bowl of strawberries and a tablespoon of low fat creme fresh.
My sins have reach 10 and I can have up to 15 but I am quite full enough so wont eat any more today.

I'm not one of these people who can leave it a week before I weigh myself so will be on the scales first thing tomorrow and hope that I have lost at least a few ounces. I've also phoned a friend up today who is going to the local Slimming World Club to say that I will join her on Tuesday.

I feel totally motivated today and really hope it stays over the weekend as we have some friends coming tomorrow for the rest of the weekend and have booked a meal at an Italian Restaurant but I have said I will drive to avoid having any alcohol.

Thursday, 11 March 2010

Another bad dieting day !!!!!

After such a cold winter I'm sure most dieters like me, have over filled themselves with food to make them feel better. Personally, I was gutted when I weighed myself a few weeks ago before a short holiday to find out that I had put on all my weight loss from before Christmas and vowed I would be good on holiday taking advantage of not having food around me all the time.

Unfortunately the weather in Spain was even worse than here with constant rain which led to more over indulgence just for something to do. I haven't dared weigh myself today and was determined to start straight away but having not done a shop I have just eaten what I have in.

I started the day well with two slices of wholemeal bread without butter with just a little spread of marmalade. I only drink skimmed milk at home so I have probably had about a quarter of a pint throughout the day in my tea's and coffee's. All was going ok when lunch time came and I had the same again as I had not had time to go for a food shop.

Then came my temptations in the way of chocolate which my other half had picked up while buying some milk. A bar of galaxy which I ate so quickly that I didn't have chance to even think about whether I should eat it or not.

Dinner was grilled salmon and a couple of new potatoes but with nothing else in my husband showed me some more chocolates that he had bought. Chocolate raisins which again I ate a handful without thinking of the consequences.

Why is it so flippin hard to diet when I could have had a really good day today?

I have decided it is now essential that I write a food diary daily and plan to follow the Slimming World Diet from tomorrow and join the club next week. You can follow my dieting days which I know will be full of good and bad days, but maybe just the fact that I am letting strangers read about my eating habits that I just might help me stick to the diet and finally lose some weight.

More bad news about FRESH Fruit - too much can make you fat

From being told that dried fruit is fattening now an article in The Mail has stated that too much fresh fruit can make you fat !!!!

Within your 5 a day portions you could be consuming more fructose or fruit sugar than you thought.

I will give you a list of one piece of fruit and the equivalent amount of sugar - you will be really surprised.

Apricot (pinch)
Clementine (pinch)
Plum (large pinch)
Fig ( half teaspoon)
8 Cherries ( half teaspoon)
1 Slice of Honeydew Melon ( over half a teaspoon)
Kiwi (over half a teaspoon)
Orange (over half a teaspoon)
5 Strawberries ( one teaspoon)
Glass of Orange Juice ( one teaspoon)
Banana ( one teaspoon )
Small Mango ( one teaspoon )
Grapefruit ( one and a half teaspoons)
Granny Smith Apple (one and a half teaspoons)
Golden Delicious Apple ( two teaspoons)
Pear ( two teaspoons)
Large bunch of grapes 500g ( EIGHT teaspoons)

Don't know about you but I'm in shock at some of the amounts of sugar already in fruit and its something I eat an awful lot of which has stemmed from me doing the Slimming World Diet which classes fruit as a free food. I think I'm going to have to look at my far more seriously and do a daily diary to see how much I am actually eating.