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Monday, 24 September 2007

Harrogate Fashion and Gift Fair

I had a lovely day out on Saturday with my close friend Ann. We went to the Harrogate Fashion and Gift Fair at the Great Yorkshire Showground. The weather was very kind to us and we had a good run out to the show and back.

The show was fantastic with lots of individual designer knitwear and accessories to die for. There were not that many gift stalls but there was so much choice from the other stalls that it didn't really matter.

We made a conscious decision at the very beginning that we would go round twice before we bought anything and it was a good job we did do that otherwise we would have been broke before we had seen it all.

This was our first visit to the Autumn Show although last year the same company held one in the summer which was also a terrific show. We know for next year that we will not buy any new Autumn knitwear until we have been to this show. It has got us both wanting to take up knitting again !!!!

I got a few Christmas presents while I was there and they were really different but I can't tell you about them on this blog as that will give the game away to the people who I have bought them for.

Friday, 21 September 2007

Talk on Hypnosis for Pain

My hypnotherapist that helped me with my weight loss got in touch with me recently to see if I would like to go and have a chat with her husband who has been on some new courses on" helping pain with hypnosis" which she thought I might benefit from. Well, I've tried everything else so there was no way I was going to miss an offer like this so off I went to have my first meeting with Clem. We went through all my back problems and what I am taking for pain relief at the moment and also what I have tried for pain relief. Clem then explained about the type of hypnosis he thought I would benefit from but before he can try anything with me he wants to speak to either my consultant or my doctor to confirm I cannot cause more harm by ignoring certain pains so although I didn't leave feeling any benefit yet, I certainly felt that maybe there is something he could do for me in the future so I am quite excited about the possible outcome.

Saturday, 15 September 2007

We have got loads done today.

We had a decorator in last week patching up the hall paper where we had a leak from the toilet earlier in the year. As we didn't want to change the paper and only had a little bit left of the original one, it's been a mission trying to find the same one. We didn't manage it but have managed to get the exact colour in paint of our paper and its looks perfect. We also got the decorator to paint over all the dark wood on the stairs and dado ( it was fashionable when we did it originally) and that has really made a big difference. The hall looks so much bigger now.

It's taken us all day to get straight as I needed to wash it all down and give the doors a good clean. We had also bought some new curtains for the guest room which originally had expensive Sanderson flowery print curtains with swags and tails pelmet. We took a chance on the ones we bought and also got some new lamps but its come together and looks really great. If I get chance tomorrow I will take a photo and put it on line for you.

I'm so excited about how well my eBay items are going this week. I put a load of slimming and weight watchers books and magazines on as I know I will never use them now that I have the hypnosis tapes and I've had bids on all my items and have 11 people watching the weight watchers calculator !! The best thing is while sorting out the other day I have found another more recent calculator which I never used as it was just so complicated so I am going to put that on after the others have finished on Sunday.

My extra housework has played havoc with my back today but I just get frustrated if I can't help so I just got stuck in and then suffer the consequences. As I have my first session of hypnotherapy for pain next week I just thought what the heck!! The biggest problem for me is that I love doing things in the house and find it very hard to hold back but the end look is just what I want so that's all that matters.

Friday, 14 September 2007

I have an amazing Doctor

I saw my Doctor today - my usual 8 week check up and chat. As I arrived at the surgery I was given a survey to fill in on what I thought about the surgery, the doctors, and waiting lists etc. I've never had any problems with waiting myself as I have such a good Doctor that I feel its not that important if you are delayed as the most important thing is that the Doctor has not rushed seeing you and missed something important.

I was the last appointment of the day and my Doctor knows all about my back problems and just likes me to keep her up to date with what I am having done. She could see I was in a mess with my walking and was as disappointed as me that my last epidural had only lasted 6 weeks. She always has the time of day for me and genuinely seems interested in how I am coping with it.

She could tell I'd lost weight and wanted to weigh me to see how much I'd lost and has booked me in for another lot of blood tests to check everything is going OK with my liver because of all the drugs I take.

I know I'm lucky to have a Doctor who has the time for you as they are such busy people but it isn't half appreciated when they give it to you.

Thursday, 13 September 2007

The McCanns

I don't know about you but I am now soooooo confused with everything to do with the McCanns that I am getting to the point of being sick to death of hearing about it.

That poor child still has not been found and it's just turned into a slagging match with the Portuguese Police and the McCanns. Every time I open the paper another headline has popped up and every time I turn the TV on another story pops up. Someone is certainly making a fortune out of it all , that's for sure.

They are obviously good parents as the twins never ever seem to be stressed out with all the going's on. Even as young as they are it's the classic age of tantrums yet they both look very content and happy which must be coming from the love and attention being given at home.

I just wish all the allegations were not plastered over everything until they have more proof or at least until they have found Madeleine.

Debenhams Club Competition

I've entered the club into a competition within Debenhams so do click on the link and vote for us as the more people who vote for us the better chance we have of winning.

It's a bit of fun really but you know me and my computer. I am always finding something to write about !!!

Sunday, 9 September 2007

Bill Wyman on the table next to me !!!!!!!!

Chris and I had a terrific day out on Friday on another day filled with clear blue skies and beautiful sunshine. We went to Leicester to visit some friend's at there new shoe showroom and offices in. The offices were quite something, very modern with hundred upon hundred of samples of ladies shoes laid on on the shelves. I wanted every pair and that's no exaggeration !!

We then went for lunch at Kilworth House Hotel in North Kilworth in Leicestershire. What an amazing place situated within 38 acres of beautiful rolling parkland at the end of a long tree lined approach and looking out across its massive estate We had our lunch in the Orangery Restaurant which has beautiful views over the estate and quite obviously a hide out for the rich and famous as who was sitting on the next table to us but Bill Wyman and his entourage, how about that !! Lunch was lush, I had a crab and avocado souffle to start and a ceaser salad for my main course and finished it off with some yummy petite fours. With it being such a lovely day we sat outside in the worm sunshine for our coffee watching the cows grazing lazily. I know we will be back to Kenilworth House in the not too different future as they have lots of events at the Hotel which also has its own theatre.

Severed by Simon Kernick - Richard and Judy Summer Read

I just had to tell you about this fantastic book which I picked up from the list of Richard and Judy Summer Reads 2007. It is absolutely wicked, an adrenalin filled fast moving plot that is full of chases, police, kidnappers, villains and violence.

It starts with Tom, who is happily married with two children who has his life turned upside down when he receives a phone call from an old mate and hers him being killed while shouting out his home address to his attackers. Tom then panics and puts his children in the car and drives them to his mother-in-law then goes to find his wife who is working at the University.

She isn't there, but a knife-wielding villain is and from there on everything just goes down hill with evil henchmen, bent coppers, unfaithful bi-sexual wives, paedophile rings and dodgy judges ...........................................

You won't want to put this book down - get it from amazaon

Sunday, 2 September 2007

Just love the "WEE" games!

What a wicked night we had last night with some good friends of ours. We went to "Ye Bridge Inn" pub in Oxton, Nottinghamshire and had a lovely meal then retired to the recently redecorated bar area of the pub which looks sooooooo cool, and started playing "WEE" games.

I'd heard of these games before but never seen them played . What fun we had playing tennis and then bowlingon the big screen. How clever is that, whatever will they think of next !!!!!

As I write this my blog is still locked and I am now getting a little frustrated that I cannot do anything to unblock it. I've sent a few emails to "blogger" in the hope someone can tell me how to prevent this happening again and also how to fix it. I will keep you informed of how I get on.