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Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Not a bad dieting day today so hope for me yet !!!

I felt quite positive after my walk with the dog this morning even though I was going out for lunch. I'd decided last night to start the Slimming World diet with some friends who went back to the club last night, which I will go back to in a couple of weeks.

I had a lunch with the girls today (15 of us) at a College where the students cook for you and its a three course meal for £5.95 which is soooooooooo cheap. I knew a 3 course lunch was a no no for me as I just feel uncomfortable for the rest of the day but with one of my other dieting friends with me we looked at the menu and decided we could do a green day.

I opted for no starter and a macaroni cheese main course meal followed by rice pudding which of course you can do on your green day and I felt sooooooo full after it, I just couldn't wait to get home to take my skirt of. But the good thing was that I didn't feel like dinner so just had a taste of the vegetables I'd cooked for my husband with pork and new potatoes. I did have a bowl of fresh fruit salad which I just adore and can always find room for but all in all not a bad days dieting.

Lets hope tomorrow is as succesfull. As you can see from the post before this I have another friend who has written about her dieting day which I do think will mean we can help each other get through one way or another so do keep in touch if you want to put anything on this blog that might help us.

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Thanks for having been allowed to add my experience.

I think this was the book that set me thinking
though you know yourself what your own failings are and so try to prevent them.

Nothing can really prepare you for the minor crisis that comes along that tries to topple you from being positive - I had one such day yesterday waiting for the phone to ring for news of someone’s operation – I succumbed at 6pm and dived into the crisp cupboard usually reserved for my husband’s packed lunches.

A few years ago my Doctor said that being menopausal meant here wasn't much chance of me losing weight - for a while I did have the attitude - why bother? but gradually feeling more and more obese and less active, I began to look at alternatives. I did consider using a widely advertised Slimming pill who when approached said, said I should seek medical advice first, (my faith in the Medical Centre was then at an all time low so instead I began looking at alternatives.

I find if I eat breakfast of cereal then I am hungry again lunchtime but if I have fruit for breakfast then I can survive on a bowl of homemade vegetable soup until we eat our main meal when my husband returns home at 7.30pm.

Being as its that late when we eat then I do try making the meals light so they are more digestible – last night for instance we had baked potato, two rashers of bacon, a spoonful of red cabbage and a fried egg – tonight it will probably be something pasta based – usually its fruit for dessert. I don’t drink alcohol so know I don’t have to cut that back – Saturday nights (card night) I have a glass of bitter lemon to be social able.

I need to find a job and begin walking to work again then I am sure the pounds will fall much faster than they do at the moment.

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

4lbs off - 5lbs back on !!!!!

Don't you find it frustrating when everyone else is always right? Well, that certainly seemed to be the case with my recent three day diet. Soooooooo many of my friends said "they are a waste of time, you will put your weight straight back on again". Well I did plus an extra pound !!!!

I knew it was no quick fix but I was hoping it was the start of my determination to lose some weight. The first thing that I noticed was that I felt very bloated and also that the three day diet had made me constipated even after increasing my fruit intake.

Anyway,a weekend away being as careful as I could be put back all I had lost and another extra pound on for enjoying myself. So, I'm back to square one but still not defeated and will start my Slimming World diet tomorrow. Some friends have rejoined the club tonight but I chickened out ashamed at the weight I have gained and said I will be back in a couple of weeks when my diary is less busy.

Hopefully some of my friends are going to join me with this blog telling us how they are going about losing (or gaining in my case) their weight.

Thursday, 21 January 2010

I've lost 4 lbs in 3 days - Brilliant

I've lost 4 lbs in three days on my three day diet and I am chufed to bits as that is what I put on over Christmas.

Today I've had mainly protein food and started with a breakfast of Porridge and for lunch a fresh fruit salad I made with creme fresh (low fat of course) followed by a fat free yoghurt, for dinner I had tenned red salmon mixed with cottage cheese and a green pepper with some fruit salad round it (delicious) followed by an egg custard I had made to use up some milk as we had not used any for three days !!!! My snacks today were some dried mango pieces and 1oz of dark chocolate.

Tomorrow I will have the same for breakfast and make the same lunch for myself but we are out for a meal tomorrow and Saturday so that's when things can get trickly but I will keep a diary of everything I eat then enter it on here when I am back. I wont weigh myself again until Monday which will be a week since I started and should be interesting to see what I have lost after a weekend away.

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Final day of my three day diet

Well I'm just about at the end of my three day diet and breakfast was sooooooooo exciting - it was 1oz of Cheddar cheese with 5 tuc biscuits and an apple (I thought I'd gone to heaven and back) Lunch was a hard boiled egg and a piece of toast and Dinner was 1 x cup of Cottage Cheese with 1 x cup of carrots and half a cup of broccoli followed by a cup of melon and half a cup of ice cream.

I have found today the easiest of the three days but I'm ready to start another diet tomorrow I don't think I could take this longer than three days, but I must admit I am still going to the loo an awful lot more than normal so after researching which foods are best for fluid retention I popped to the supermarket ready to start tomorrow.

Obviously eating fewer carbohydrates like bread and pasta will help with fluid retention but potassium laden foods like fruits and vegetables such as apples, melons, onions, tomatoes and green vegetables are all effective diuretic foods. Others are asparagus, celery, parsley and watercress.

I'm going to try and stick to mainly protein and eat fish, chicken and some nuts with tons of fruit and vegetables but I am away for a couple of days this weekend so it will be harder to follow but I am determined to not put any weight I have hopefully lost of this three day diet.

I do hope I come back tomorrow with quite a few pounds weight loss as I do feel a lot more comfortable so I actually cant wait to weigh myself................

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Day Two of my Three Day Diet Plan

Today I must admit I have found harder than yesterday and certainly harder than last time I did this diet which was last summer so I guess that must be because I've stretched my stomach over Christmas !!!!

I have also been trying to find a fish and fruit diet which someone had blogged me about as I adore fish and fruit but I can't find one anywhere so if anyone knows of this diet do let me have the link.

Todays menus were for Breakfast 1 Egg and 1 Slice of Toast, Lunch was 1 cup of Cottage Cheese (or Tuna) and 5 Tuc Cracker Biscuits and for Dinner it was half a cup of carrots, half a cup of broccoli and 2 Hot Dogs followed by half a cup of ice cream and a banana. As usual clear tea or coffee and water.

Wierd mixture but I guess its the chemical side of this that works - I spent most of yesterday running to the loo so I'm sure I lost a lot in fluid. Anyway, tomorrow is my last day so I will give you my update then on how I feel and how my day as gone.

Monday, 18 January 2010

My first dieting day

Well I've got through what I always think is the hardest day on a diet - the first day.

WIth it being Monday I kept myself busy with housework this morning then we went out to get some of the specific foods for this 3 day diet and before I knew it, it was 2pm and I hadn't even had my lunch.

The longest wait to me was dinner as we always have a cuppa and something with it at around 4.30ish as we do not have our dinner until around 7pm and I'd say that was the only time today that I was really thinking about food.

So you can see the type of food you have on this three day diet I will give you my food list for today which started of with Breakfast which was half a grapefruit or half an orange and one piece of toast spread with peanut butter (yuk!) Lunch was one cup of Cottage Cheese or Tuna with one slice of toast and Dinner was 3 slices of lean meat (ham for me) with one cup of carrots and one cup of broccoli followed by one cup of ice-cream with an apple (the best bit). Your drinks are clear tea or coffee or water and that's it.

I will of course weigh myself after the three days when I will then be following the usual calorie counting diet. What I did find out today which I didn't realise is that
hunger pangs can actually be thirst pangs so pour yourself a drink of water or a diet drink before you head for the biscuit tin.

Until tomorrow...............

Sunday, 17 January 2010

The start of my weight loss diary

As you can see I have not been here since July 2009 when I did a short post on my back pain blog which has been causing me a lot of problems since my entry before that on February 2008. When I started this blog I wrote it more as a month to month diary of me and what I had been up to but suggested in my blog that I would write a diet blog in October 2007. In the summer of 2007 I had Hypnosis to help me lose weight and wrote a few posts on that then nothing until January 2008 when I started my weight loss diary. Unfortunately that only lasted until February 2008 as my life was taken over and dominated by pain which was all written in my back pain blog.

I have now decided to try and make a conscious effort to lose weight and write my diary as at only 5ft in height I do not have any spares inches in which to carry extra weight. As it is I am top heavy but the only way round that would be to have a breast reduction which is out of the question.

Its hard to admit and put into words the way I feel about my body since my last big spinal operation which left me in Hospital for three months and I had to have another two further surgeries. What I can say is that I cannot bear to look at myself around my middle and always put on a camisole after my shower whatever the weather.

Its not that I'm a vain person or even that I want to get into a bikini as at my age its not something I would think of in the first place but it just looks such a mess from all the various surgeries I have had. I also know that the worst thing for back pain is to carry excess weight so this is something I should have done a long time ago.

This time I hope to succeed, no I WILL succeed and in the process will write my diary as often as I can, warts and all. I am starting it tomorrow by shrinking my stomach on a three day diet plan which was originally called "The British Heart Foundation Diet" but they now will have nothing to do with this and it is just listed as the three day diet.

I'm not going to give you my weight (chicken, I know) but thats between me and the scales but I will give you my losses (hopefully) along the way. I guess that is all I have left to say for today except do all wish me luck.