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Sunday, 2 May 2010

Appesat Appetite Suppressant

Appest by Goldshield

This is another weight loss tablet that has been clinically proven as a natural appetite suppressant for the supportive treatment of excess weight and weight management

It says that appesat can help you to get to your desired weight and stay there by modifying your appetite, its not going to happen overnight but will take some weeks to work. They work by creating a slight full feeling before each meal and helps your to realise when you are full which will then help you to reduce the amount you eat without the stress of feeling hungry.

Like most weight loss tablets you have to take then with a large glass of water which will then enable the tablets to swell in your stomach to a soft jelly-like complex which remains in the stomach for quite a while.

The dosage they advice is 3 tablets three times a day before each meal, until you feel pleasantly full even after a small meal. For more tips about diet and exercise go to

I have been taking these for the last couple of weeks now and must admit that at first I really felt full and only had the desire to eat when the food was put in front of me. I was extremely disappointed when I had not lost any weight by the end of the first week. However I carried on with them and went down to two three times a day as they are not a cheap option to weight loss and you could soon finish a box of 50.

When I have completed the course I will let you know the outcome before I try another type of appetite suppressant diet pill in order to find the one I think is the best.

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