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Wednesday, 21 November 2012


Diet, Weight loss, Diet tips, Weight Watchers, Slimming. Diets, Health, Fitness, Diet Classes, Keeping Fit, Weight loss tips, Slimming Tips. Sunday today, one of our laziest days, so meals can be a bit hit and miss and sometimes we go for a long walk and other times we don't. Today the weather is so bad that going for walk is out of the question. But it's free listing on eBay so I think that's my quest for today. Meanwhile I will list my diet diary. Breakfast The usual I'm afraid how boring is that. 2 chocolate weetabix and skimmed milk 226 calories Lunch Sunday roast of roast lamb, new potatoes, broccoli, cauliflower and swede and carrot with a few new potatoes, which I worked out at 393 calories Tea/ Snack One hobnob which is 72 calories and as it's Sunday a massive treat of a 40g crunchy bar which is 185 calories My total for today is 1,198

Saturday, 17 November 2012


Diet, Weight loss, Diet tips, Weight Watchers, Slimming. Diets, Health, Fitness, Diet Classes, Keeping Fit, Weight loss tips, Slimming Tips.

It's Saturday today so the usual routine is thrown out the window first thing as I don't go straight out with the dog, instead I come downstairs and read the paper and have my breakfast first. The house was freezing and I soon realised that there was something wrong with the heating pump, which was not firing at all. By the time I'd sorted it out it was already after 10am and I'd not had any breakfast so I was really hungry when I sat down to eat it.


Breakfast was the usual, which was two weekabix with milk and a small banana. I know I'm boring sorry but maybe something different tomorrow. My total calories was 286 calories.


My lunch was two slices of Warburtons Fruit Loaf with Orange which was 88 calories a slice with the usual Philadelphia Light Sweet Chilli which was 47 calories for 30g which I put on both of them. I then finished with a Shape Chocolate Pot which is 109 calories making my total 379 calories.


With it being Saturday if we are not going out or entertaining friends then we tend to have the meal deals but this time we just picked up the main course meal from Asda's Extra Special Leiths School of food and wine 'Coq Au Vin' which was absolutely deeeelicious and quite a high calorie value of
457. I had it with one cup of mashed potatoe which is around 174 calories.

My total today is just over 1200 at 1296 but I don't take any off for exercise as I am not sure how much to take off for walking, but I've had a couple of days lower than the 1200 so I'm sure it just balances out. I've not felt hungry until this evening but that was just because we ate dinner late. So far so good :):)

Friday, 16 November 2012


Diet, Weight loss, Diet tips, Weight Watchers, Slimming. Diets, Health, Fitness, Diet Classes, Keeping Fit, Weight loss tips, Slimming Tips.

I popped on the scales this morning, I know you shouldn't go on them that quick but I did feel less bloated and guess what - I lost a whole pound in my first day - brilliant :)


Sorry - same as yesterday as it is my favourite only without a banana this time

2 Chocolate Weetabix with 20ml Skimmed Milk - which made a total of 220 cals


We do a food shop on a Friday so I tend to be thinking about food all morning and have lunch quite late so I decided to have a snack late morning instead of the banana for breakfast.

I had a McVities Hobnob for it's Oaty goodness and they are only 72 calories

By the time I get back from the Supermarket I try to always buy something that I can eat straight away as I am always so hungry and one of my favourites is Asda Fresh Tastes Prawn Layered Salad with creamy cocktail sauce which is 197g and 275 calories, yum, yum...

I only managed the walk around the supermarket today so again I have decided to not allow myself any more calories for exercise so my afternoon treat was not used up.

For dinner I had 100g dried pasta which is 156 calories with Dolmio Sitr In Sun dried Tomato Light Sauce which is 129 calories - very filling and very tasty.

I followed with some Hartley's Sugar Free Raspberry Jelly - one packet makes four portions with only 8 calories per portion so if you wanted you could eat the whole jelly for only 36 calories

So far I've had 868 calories in total so with it being weekend I decided I would have some chocolate for a treat.

My treat is four Toblerone Minis which are 125 calories for four, which brings my total amount today to 993 - a really good day today.


Thursday, 15 November 2012


Diet, Weight loss, Diet tips, Weight Watchers, Slimming. Diets, Health, Fitness, Diet Classes, Keeping Fit, Weight loss tips, Slimming Tips.

It's 'D.Day' today, I've been weighed in by the nurse and I need to lose a stone and a half, which I would love to try and lose at least half for Christmas. I am going to try and do it with the help of the Diet app, 'my fitness pal', and writing on here what I have eaten with the value and pictures.

I am a TRUE 'chocoholic' so I have to start my day with some chocolate so 2 x Chocolate Weetabix and a banana are my start to the day.

The calories for two chocolate weetabix is 156 calories, plus 200ml skimmed milk 64 calories, plus a small banana which is 75 calories, giving a breakfast total of 286 calories.

I do find my carbohydrate breakfast keeps me full a long time so I am quite happy to have a fairly light lunch.

This is one of my favourite lunch feast, 2 slices of Warburtons Fruit Loaf with Orange which is 88 calories a slice and topped with Philadelphia Light Sweet Chilli which is 47 calories for 30g which is roughly the amount I put on each slice. My total calories for lunch is 270 calories.

If I have managed a short walk with my dog then I would have an afternoon treat of something no more than 100 calories but as I only had a very short walk today I have not included it in my activity.

Tonight I have had some delicious fish cakes with new potatoes, peas and carrots, followed by chocolate meringue.

These fish cakes are ASDA extra special Cod, Feta and Roasted Red Pepper Fishcakes, which is flakes of Atlantic Cod fillet blended with Maris Piper potato, roasted red peppers, Greek Feta and fragrant basil, in a light crispy sauce and the calorie value is 218 calories.
I also added two new potatoes (100g) which are 66 calories and a tin of Bondvelle Petite Pois and Baby Carrots which are only 70 calories for the small 130g tin. An easy menu that needs no time to cook at all.

For my pudding I had a gorgeous Asda Extra Special Meringue Nest which is 64 calories topped with an even more gorgeous and deeeelicious Shape Chocolate Pot which is 109 calories. My total dinner came to 527 calories with my total for the day coming to 1,147 calories, which also includes around another 200ml of skimmed milk for my cups of tea.

That means I am still under 1200 which is what you can eat to lose around a pound a week. So who says you need to be hungry and not eat chocolate when you are on a diet? I think I can prove that you have your cake and eat it if you make sure what else you are eating.

DAY TWO to follow with photos and calorie values tomorrow.


Monday, 5 November 2012


Diet, Weight loss, Diet tips, Weight Watchers, Slimming. Diets, Health, Fitness, Diet Classes, Keeping Fit, Weight loss tips, Slimming Tips.

Cinnamon is a great addition to your diet as it lowers blood sugar levels. They suggest you only have one teaspoon to have the benefit from it.

Cinnamon is a popular spice, especially for baked goods and desserts. Aside from its distinctive aroma, cinnamon is believed to help lower the blood sugar level, making it suitable for obese patients who are at higher risk of diabetes. However, consumption should be limited to one teaspoon per day, as excessive amounts can result in liver problems.