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Wednesday, 14 April 2010


I've not been here for a couple of weeks and its mainly because I havent been doing to well but since I put this artile on my local Community Blog - I feel so inspired by it that I am going to be here most days to tell you how I am getting on. Meanwhile I hope this story inspires other people who are struggling with weight loss.

Steph Banner from Ravenshead was named “Greatest Loser” at the Ravenshead Slimming World group after losing over 8 stone in just 14 months!

She has dropped from a size 28 tops and size 26 skirts and trousers to size 12, since joining the Slimming World group, which is held at Ravenshead Leisure Centre, Longdale Lane every Tuesday at 5.30pm and 7.0pm

She said, “When I first joined Slimming World I went along because I knew that my size was affecting my health, putting me at risk of lots of different conditions, I already had to take blood pressure tablets and I needed to have the dose increased. My Dad had been very ill the previous year and that made me very aware of the fact that “we only go round once”, and I was wasting my life.

Within weeks I was feeling so great and finding it so easy to eat more healthily that I wasn't doing it because I thought I should any more, I truly wanted to lose weight and change my life. I'd never have believed losing weight could actually be enjoyable – but it is!. And my blood pressure is now back to normal”.

“That first week I'd been prepared to give any diet a go but I didn't expect anything to be as flexible and easy to fit into my life as Slimming World's Food Optimising eating plan. I could eat a huge variety of foods so there was no need to go hungry, and with just a few tweaks of our favourite family meals I've learned how to cook things in a much healthier way, so dishes like Spaghetti Bolognese, Pasta Bake, Steak and Chips and Sunday Dinner are still on the menu. I also find that family and friends are amazed at the amount I eat. On work days I take over the fridge”.

I have also found that since losing weight I have more confidence in public and don't need to hide behind baggy clothes any more. It has made me a more confident person and my only regret is that I did not do it sooner”.

On top of making changes to her eating habits, Steph also gradually began to get more active by walking the dogs (which she says she always used to find an excuse not to do) playing family badminton and also doing a Davina DVD once a week. As her weight has decreased, if Steph hasn't taken the dogs out walking for at least an hour on Saturday and Sunday she feels deprived.

Denise Langley, who runs the Ravenshead group said “Making small, gradual changes, like Steph has, is the best way to lose weight and keep it off. It can be daunting when you think you've got to make massive changes, and have lots of weight to lose, but setting mini targets week by week all adds up and eventually leads to a whole new lifestyle. At Slimming World our members set their own targets and lose weight at their own pace.

It was a real pleasure to see Steph win our group's “Greatest Loser” competition. It's been an absolute joy to see the change in Steph since she walked through the door on her first night. Like a lot of new members, she was very shy and nervous but, as I know myself from when I first joined Slimming World as a member, you are sure of a very warm welcome when you first walk through the door. The support and praise of the group every week helped her to come out of her shell in no time. All the members are delighted for Steph and there couldn't be a more worthy winner”.

”We are all so happy for her and amazed at the difference in her. Now she's proved its possible to lose a lot of weight healthily without drugs or surgery - she's an inspiration”.

If you've been inspired by Steph pop along to Denise's group or for more information call her on 01623 792504 01623 792504 or visit

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