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Saturday, 12 January 2008

My 2008 fight to fitness and pain relief

I know its already the 12th January but I honestly think that anyone who seriously wants to get rid of some weight cannot start any form of diet or weight loss regime on January 1st as, apart from anything else, most people are suffering from a hang over on New Years Day and all you do is think about what food you can eat.

I also knew that I had my trip to the Hospital for a lumber epidural on the 7th January and at the back of my mind wanted that done before I could focus on anything else. At the beginning of last year I was on a mission to try every conceivable holistic and alternative therapy available to help with my pain relief and had convinced myself that a substantial weight loss would definitely help. Well, unfortunately it didn't help at all and I have now exhausted every type of alternative therapy without success but I am still convinced that another weight loss however small MUST do something to help with the pain relief.

I decided to just get rid of the old and bring in the new for 2008 and start afresh when all the Christmassy things were put away and all the sweets, chocolates and any other goodies were either eaten or given away. So, after putting all my Christmas decorations to bed for another year and reading through all my Christmas Cards again and promising to myself that I would definitely get in touch with some old friends who always put "we must get in touch next year" in there Christmas Card I put the last of the sweets and chocolates into one of my three ( yes, three) roses tins ready to give to my friend for her grandchildren. I then sellotaped it up so I had no way of getting into it. I was already feeling slimmer and ready for the new me..........

After having the hypnosis last year to help me lose weight I find that I definitely do not think about food all the time like I used to. Hypnosis is no miracle cure for excess weight - nor is it a fad diet, it's about changing your attitude to weight control which should ensure a steady and healthy rate of weight loss. Don't get me wrong, if someone put some chocolate in front of me I still struggle to not finish it, but I then feel so full after it that I could quite happily miss the evening meal. However, this is far from a good diet so my only option is to have very little chocolate in and just limited treats that are not high in calories.

Over the years I have collected tons and tons of diet books and magazines and been a member of every club that has ever formed but I made a conscious decision after my hypnotherapy that I would never need them again and got rid of most of them. I'd still kept quite a few of the magazines for inspiration but after looking through them I decided I would also put them on eBay and save the money for treating myself to something new as more weight drops off. It felt really really good after putting the magazines on eBay and I had quite a few emails from other dieters who obviously do not have access to diet clubs or are not confident enough to join one and thought it was great they could get the books from me. I felt I was really helping someone out and hope to keep in touch with them to see how they go on.

I hadn't been on the scales over Christmas as I really didn't see the point but knew I had to weigh myself to find out how much I had gained. What a brilliant surprise I had when I found I had gained absolutely NIL pounds over the Christmas period. It could only be the hypnosis that had helped me as when I told my husband he was not in the least bit surprised and said, "You now only eat half the amount you used to".

I still have another stone to lose and with my long standing back problems I know I can't start a keep fit regime at the gym or even a short run round the block but I had thought that after my epidural this week I might try some slow cycling on my bike at home. Its been moved into my bedroom so that I can see the TV while cycling and I decided the best time would be after my afternoon nap when I always wake up feeling good again rather than first thing as I am too stiff and uncomfortable to even think about it.

I did my first 10 mins this afternoon and felt fine but lets see how my legs feel tomorrow. I only cycled slowly for ten minutes as I'm still a bit nervous about irritating my back. I have read on numerous occasions how you are supposed to lose weight while you sleep so maybe with me cycling straight after a couple of hours sleep the weight will drop off ( dream on !!).

Conventional diets are quick to tell you to avoid this and keep off that but that's not the way forward, that just increases your obsession with food. It's not the way to permanent weight loss. Do you notice I use the words "weight loss" instead of "diet"on this blog? It was something my hypnotherapist told me to remember, she explained that, "I would never need to DIET again, as my subconscious mind would just teach me to eat when I was hungry, if you don't know if you're hungry, then you aren't,"she said.

Well that's the end of week one of my 2008 fight to fitness but watch this space for more on my "weight loss" antics.

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