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Sunday, 3 February 2008

My new blog

Well, its taken me allllllllll weekend but I have finally done it and set up a "Back Pain" blog so you won't need to read any more about my boring back as I am hoping it will be read by people with a similar problem.

However, I would love to have your opinion on it so don't hesitate to nosy - there is a direct link to the left of this post.

My diet is still going well this weekend and I have quite a few tips to post next week, but I will wait until my week is up to weigh myself again.

Short and sweet but that's all for now, I'm jiggered after sorting out the over blog.


flats said...

Ohh I wish you bunches of luck in your new way...cheers

The Patients Voice said...

A New Blog from The Patients Voice – about Back Pain

Dear Friends

Welcome to the newest blog from The Patients Voice. In this blog we are very keen to explore your thoughts and ideas about the experience of suffering from back pain.

We would therefore like to invite you to participate in the blog. Firstly by having a look at the blog and secondly by participating yourself. It is a great opportunity to share experiences and information about back pain.

To visit the blog please go to
Blogs are a wonderful way for patients and their carers to connect with each other. But not just that they are a great way to disseminate information with people who suffer from back pain.

You may also notice that our site has been re-designed so please feel free to have a look at other parts of the site. If you have any suggestions regarding the site please do feel free to email me about them.

Remember The Patients Voice is a great opportunity for you to share with others.

Best wishes

Belinda Shale
The Patients Voice