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Tuesday, 12 February 2008

My weight loss diary

Hi - back after a bit of a longer stretch this time. I'd had a busy weekend and was a bit naughty with my chocolate treats (to put it mildly) and so didn't dare go on the scales until today.

Phew!!! what a relief to find out that I have LOST another 1lb - that means only another 7lbs to my final 2 stone - yipeeeeee !!!!!!

It just goes to show that the hypnosis attitude to weight loss is so right in that I had a really bad couple of days on Friday and Saturday and felt so full on Sunday and Monday that it didn't really bother me not eating much and as I'd obviously had enough over the two days to keep me feeling full it meant I still lost rather than gained.

I am absolutely hooked on my breakfast's and lunches at the moment as I don't have to think about them. For breakfast I have home made porridge sometimes with honey and sometimes with sugar and enjoy that every day and it certainly makes me feel full, so much so that sometimes I don't get my lunch until around 2pm. My lunch if I'm at home is always a massive bowl of fresh fruit salad which I make every other day with whatever I have in and sometimes made with tinned fruit which I keep in for emergencies in case I run out of fresh. I've always got plenty of apples, bananas and blackberries in but every other type of fruit I pick up fresh twice a week. I then sprinkle it with a little special muesli and finish with a tablespoon of low fat fromage frais. It's delicious and sometimes I will have it with low fat cottage cheese or yoghurt but I think it helps that it is not something you cannot eat quickly and makes you feel much fuller.

After my afternoon nap I nearly always want some chocolate and have been promising myself for the last week that I was going to try the tapping and affirmation that I had mentioned before but I just haven't got round to it. I think it's been the beautiful weather as only last week after my nap I was waking up in the dark and I just wanted to have a nice hot drink with some chocolate whereas this week I've woken up to the sun still shining and haven't really needed the chocolate. Guess what though I have found another fantastic Vanilla Tea - Decaff this time - its Dragonfly Tea Naturally Caffeine Free Rooibus Vanilla and I bought it from Sainsbury's.

One of my chocolate treats is a must for all chocolate and rice cake lovers as its just so chocolatty and its Kallo Organic Chocolate Rice Cake Thins coated with Belgian Dark Chocolate or Milk Chocolate and is only 53 calories !!!! I also buy this from Sainsbury's and it is with all the wheat free products.

Well that's all my news on my weight loss this week. I am hoping for another 1lb next week as this glorious sunshine encourages me to walk a bit longer which should help burn up the calories. So, until next week happy weight losing.......................................

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Kate said...

hmmmm i must try the benedicts diet!! haha