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Thursday, 25 March 2010

My fight with chocolate

Well, another day flown by just by way of a change !!! When did a minute suddenly feel like a second?

Started the day with a good 20 minute walk and then porridge for breakfast. Popped out with a friend and called at a local Farm Shop which has the most GORGEOUS range of chocolates but I kept my face straight ahead and went to the fresh vegetables to buy some for my vegetable lasagna tonight.

Everything was going fine I even made it to the counter without picking any chocolate up and then had to deal with paying while staring at my most favourite chocolate of all time. The mini Lindt chocolate eggs mmmmm, my mouth is watering just thinking about them. I used to love to suck them until they made the roof of my mouth sore but I was really determined and left without picking up anything naughty.

Made it back to the car feeling really chuffed with myself then my friend passed me a mini Lindt bunny which she had bought me. " OMG " I mean its rude to give things back and the trouble was it was about 2.0pm when we got back so I was rather ready for some lunch and at the end of the day its only tiny so it can't be many sins - can it???

Well, it was two late a minute later as I had eaten the head first and then the body before I even had chance to get onto my computer to see how many sins it was. I guess I shouldn't have looked really as my jaw dropped in surprise when it said 10.5 sins !!! I mean how ridiculous is that - it was only a monthful.

I felt pretty wacked this afternoon so went for a rest in the hope that the saying that you lose weight while you sleep would deduct the 10.5 sins I had just eaten and tried to count myself doing press ups instead of counting sheep.

Of course I was starving when I woke up as I hadn't really eatn much so I had an apple (free) and some cottage cheese (also free) then started to make my vegetable lasagna.

I found a recipe on the Slimming World website for a tomato based pasta sauce that was free on green and adapted it slightly myself. It was truly delicious even though I say so myself. I can give you the recipe if you ask for it.

Anyway, full of pasta and vegetable tomato sauce my pudding was a baked apple with cinnamon and creme fresh and I feel really really full so I guess all in all, not a bad dieting day today. Lets hope tomorrow is another good one as I always think your first week is the hardest and if you can get into the diet straight away and lose some weight quickly it really spurs you on.

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