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Thursday, 3 November 2011


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After being unsuccessful at losing weight I decided to go and see my GP for some advice. She then referred me to a nurse who put me onto the British Heart Foundation Diet.

This is basically, three meals a day (portion control being very important) with a treat of up to 100 calories a day.

The weight loss has been slow but I never gained any and over 12 weeks and lost 10lbs.

The nurse started to get to know me well over the 12 weeks and knew that I was getting a bit anxious about my weight loss with foot surgery imminent which would totally incapacitate me for a while.

She suggested that I had a chat with my GP about going onto the weight loss pill Xenical.

After a chat with my GP she has approved a month's trial of the drug in the hope it might help to boost the weight loss for me.

She advised that I waited until I was on one crutch rather than two before I start the trial, as the side effect can be frequent trips to the loo.

Tomorrow, I have the stitches out and should hopefully be down to one crutch so I plan to start the drug on Saturday.

I checked my weight this morning and I have gained 1lb over the last two weeks while I have been totally incapacitated and only allowed up to go to the loo. So I guess really that's not to bad.

I will be writing my diary on the results of Xenical in the hope that they will work for me as I have only heard good results on this particular weight loss pill.

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