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Monday, 4 February 2013


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1. Calories Counter and Diet Tracker – My Fitness Pal app is suitable for iphones, Windows phone, Android, and Blackberry.

It is completely free and tells you the calories of nearly any food, as well as your daily calorie allowance based on the exercise you have done.

2. Fitness Buddy – which is suitable for iphone and Androidd is another free app which has 300+ exercises in this app which is brilliant if you are planning to lose weight from one particular area. The body map will suggest an appropriate routine.

The large-screen Ipad version costs 69p and includes 1,700 exercises.

3. NPT Boom – suitable for iphones and Android is another free app. This is Nike's Personal Training app which boosts your performance by syncing with your music collection and dropping in motivational messages from athletes and coaches.

It allows you to tell Facebook friends when your working out so they can join you or cheer you on your way.

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