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Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Calories in dried fruits

I managed to clear the house of all the sweets, chocolate and biscuits ready to fill it up with fresh fruit, dried fruit, yoghurts etc . I studied the isle in the Supermarkets and bought what I thought would be a great alternative to my other treats.

Unfortunately I was in for a real shock when I got home with the products. My low fat yoghurts were fine and also my fresh fruit but when I started looking into the calorie and fat content of the dried fruit I was totally shocked.

They are all soooooooooooo high in calories which apparantley is something to do with the sugar contect when they are dried. The other unfortunate thing was that I loved them all and got quick excited by the fact that I had finally found something to replace my love of chocolates and cake.

So, its back to the drawing board again now after I have eaten what I have bought. To avoid dissapointment I have decided to not weigh myself this week until I have eaten all I have in stock as I will only feel worse.

I've since done a little bit of research on sugar free sweets which can be bought from a variety of websites and which I think would be better than the ones in Boots as they are mainly for Diabetics and have something that can send you dashing to the lo.

That is actually all I think I need to help me on my diet as its snack times when I fell apart. I know they say have raw vegetables and the like but to be honest with you I would have to be starving before that would excite me.

If anyone has any other ideas on low calorie nibbles please let me know so that I can get back into my diet again.


Alicia Malik said...

I appreciate your post on dried fruit. It is true! They are packed with calories. I have been following Dr. Ian 50 Million Pound Challenge 30 day meal plan and Dr. Ian has this list of snacks that you can have in moderation. You can see the snack list here

Happy Dieting!

My motto is don't give up, "Just Keep Swimming!"

BarMc said...

Ah thanks Alicia - glad you liked the post. I've just read your blog and you are doing so well with your weight loss it has inspired me to get cracking again with mine - i've really been struggling lately. Thanks again.