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Monday, 15 October 2007

Chocolate Week mmmmm yum,yum

In case you didn't know it - it's chocolate week this week so it's a good excuse to have that extra bit. I've been searching the Internet on where the free tastings are but they are mostly in London and as my daughter works on Oxford Street, I have given her the details on the one at John Lewis which is on between 12 - 2pm in the food hall with demonstrations and tastings so do let me know what it was like if you get their.

I'm off with the girls tomorrow ( there are 12 of us) going to Harrogate for the day and I'm bitterly disappointed that there are no free chocolate tasting going on for chocolate week so I've been out and bought us all some lush chocolates to eat on the coach and printed some details off about the Hotel Chocolate Tasting Club. If you haven't heard of this before, basically you join the club and are sent a collection of new chocolates to try every month.Every month founder Angus Thirlwell and his team create a completely new selection. They are made in separate ultra-fresh batches exclusively for the Club. Of course it's not free they just hope that you will choose one to taste each month. I got most of this from their website and boy did I want some chocolate when I finished looking over it.

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