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Saturday, 13 October 2007

I'm on a run now writing my blog !!!!

I saw my pain consultant the day before we flew to Spain and as usual he was extremely understanding and sympathetic with me and has now decided on a plan to get me more pain free (yipeeeeee) I am starting off with another injection into my neck but in the side of my neck this time in the hope that it will leak down my arm to help my arm pain.

I am then having a lumber epidural which he is putting above my syn cage in the hope that it will leak down to my prolapsed disc. If I have no success with the pain relief of either of these then he wants to send me to see a Neurosurgeon to see what he thinks about my spinal stenosis.

Finally, if all else fails then we are going to try me with an implant !!! I felt tons better after I had seen him. I know its a long term plan but my back is a long term problem and at least I have a plan now.

I should be having my first injection in the next four weeks but with all the postal strikes goodness knows when the appointment will come through.

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