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Saturday, 13 October 2007

London Fashion Show in aid of Breast Cancer Care supported by Swarovski

This is our second trip to this fantastic fashion show held at the Grosvenor House Hotel, on Park Lane, London. Six of us went down for the day and although we arrived thinking we had plenty of time to get to the Hotel their was a terrible wait for taxi's at St. Pancreas so we were towards the back of the queue. The trouble with that is that when we got into the function suite most of the tables with prize envelopes to buy were sold out and all we managed to get were some raffle tickets for the Marsha Varrow "BELIEVE" bracelet and a real leather Alexander McQueen handbag. With this raffle you buy a Lucky Combination Code and if your combination has the winning four digits then you have a chance of winning the prize with Champagne for the runners up.

We could see it was much busier than last year and will remember next year to get an earlier train. It didn't spoil the afternoon for us which was presented by Fiona Phillips with all the Models in the Fashion Show either recovering from breast cancer or being treated for it, including two gentlemen that had it. It was a real tear jerker as you can imagine.

After the Fashion Show we had a lovely afternoon tea although this year's was no where near as good as last year's. They just appeared to be short of staff which resulted in us getting the tea before the milk so it was cold when we put the milk in and getting the scones and jam before the sandwiches but we enjoy it so much we have already decided we will go next year.

The best bit for me is meeting my daughter for a couple of hours afterwards in Debenhams. We all then walked along Oxford Street and found a lovely Restaurant for some Pasta before getting the train home.

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