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Wednesday, 8 June 2011


Make almonds your go-to snack as they are full of fibre which will make you feel fuller quicker and for longer. Eat a handful a day.

Drinking water before your meal can help you lose and extra four pounds over 12 weeks as it will help you to eat less. Drink two 200ml glasses of water immediately before each meal.

Eat two eggs with a low GI carbohydrate bread, such as rye or wholemeal. It is slower to digest and eggs have been found to reduce the number of calories eaten at lunchtime and can shave 400 calories off the average daily intake.

Swap your regular tea for a green tea as this will up your leptin levels which will help to burn up calories.

Eat an apple 15 minutes before a meal to feel full. When digested they also produce the hormone GLP-1, which sends messages to the brain that you are full.

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