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Saturday, 15 September 2007

We have got loads done today.

We had a decorator in last week patching up the hall paper where we had a leak from the toilet earlier in the year. As we didn't want to change the paper and only had a little bit left of the original one, it's been a mission trying to find the same one. We didn't manage it but have managed to get the exact colour in paint of our paper and its looks perfect. We also got the decorator to paint over all the dark wood on the stairs and dado ( it was fashionable when we did it originally) and that has really made a big difference. The hall looks so much bigger now.

It's taken us all day to get straight as I needed to wash it all down and give the doors a good clean. We had also bought some new curtains for the guest room which originally had expensive Sanderson flowery print curtains with swags and tails pelmet. We took a chance on the ones we bought and also got some new lamps but its come together and looks really great. If I get chance tomorrow I will take a photo and put it on line for you.

I'm so excited about how well my eBay items are going this week. I put a load of slimming and weight watchers books and magazines on as I know I will never use them now that I have the hypnosis tapes and I've had bids on all my items and have 11 people watching the weight watchers calculator !! The best thing is while sorting out the other day I have found another more recent calculator which I never used as it was just so complicated so I am going to put that on after the others have finished on Sunday.

My extra housework has played havoc with my back today but I just get frustrated if I can't help so I just got stuck in and then suffer the consequences. As I have my first session of hypnotherapy for pain next week I just thought what the heck!! The biggest problem for me is that I love doing things in the house and find it very hard to hold back but the end look is just what I want so that's all that matters.

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