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Friday, 14 September 2007

I have an amazing Doctor

I saw my Doctor today - my usual 8 week check up and chat. As I arrived at the surgery I was given a survey to fill in on what I thought about the surgery, the doctors, and waiting lists etc. I've never had any problems with waiting myself as I have such a good Doctor that I feel its not that important if you are delayed as the most important thing is that the Doctor has not rushed seeing you and missed something important.

I was the last appointment of the day and my Doctor knows all about my back problems and just likes me to keep her up to date with what I am having done. She could see I was in a mess with my walking and was as disappointed as me that my last epidural had only lasted 6 weeks. She always has the time of day for me and genuinely seems interested in how I am coping with it.

She could tell I'd lost weight and wanted to weigh me to see how much I'd lost and has booked me in for another lot of blood tests to check everything is going OK with my liver because of all the drugs I take.

I know I'm lucky to have a Doctor who has the time for you as they are such busy people but it isn't half appreciated when they give it to you.

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