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Sunday, 21 November 2010


The three day diet has hit the news again with headlines like, 'another fad diet', dating back to 1985, with promises of quick weight loss, cleansing, lowering cholestrol and increased energy.

It must be followed exactly for three days at a time, followed by normal eating for four to five days. It says 10lb weight loss can be achievable in three days but a lot of that can be fluid loss.

They do say that the combination of the suggested foods does work due to the low amount of calories you eat in one day.

As far as for me I lost 5 lbs in the three days and my husband lost 9lbs which I guess does show that some of it can be fluid.

I had no problem with the three days but its not something I could have done for longer than three days but will definitely be doing it again for three days before Christmas.

After a busy weekend, I am sure I will have gained a couple of pounds but it's still easier to do it this way at this time of year when you have so many events coming up near the Christmas period. S, I guess as far as I am concerned its a 'hit'.

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