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Sunday, 2 January 2011


You only have to open the papers and magazines today and you will find diet after diet, after diet being advertised.

The question is which one do you choose? The most popular, the online one, the diet club? And why are they all so different when you are also told that its only a case of cutting down your calories to lose weight?

It's quite confusing really so I am going to review some of the interesting ones for you starting with 'The Dukan Diet'.

Apparently this is the UK's best selling diet book, based on a protein focused weight loss regime. It has four million followers in 32 countries. The French GP Pierre Dukan's diet is used by the rich and famous and has certainly made him rich after it has already sold a quarter of a million copies.

It has four stages to the diet which starts with two to four days of only eating protein (eggs, meat, fish and certain dairy). Vegetables are the enemy and only introduced on alternate days. You can eat fruit, bread, cereals and starchy foods and 'two' 'whatever you want' meals a week.

But, unlike Atkins the Dukan diet allows lean meats and low far dairy. Bread is made by yourself with the recipe for it in his book which can be made in your microwave in five minutes.

The Dukan Diet Hoddar & Stoughton – I must admit this really does sound interesting but as I am joining Weight Watchers on Wednesday I had better give that a go first.

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