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Saturday, 17 November 2012


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It's Saturday today so the usual routine is thrown out the window first thing as I don't go straight out with the dog, instead I come downstairs and read the paper and have my breakfast first. The house was freezing and I soon realised that there was something wrong with the heating pump, which was not firing at all. By the time I'd sorted it out it was already after 10am and I'd not had any breakfast so I was really hungry when I sat down to eat it.


Breakfast was the usual, which was two weekabix with milk and a small banana. I know I'm boring sorry but maybe something different tomorrow. My total calories was 286 calories.


My lunch was two slices of Warburtons Fruit Loaf with Orange which was 88 calories a slice with the usual Philadelphia Light Sweet Chilli which was 47 calories for 30g which I put on both of them. I then finished with a Shape Chocolate Pot which is 109 calories making my total 379 calories.


With it being Saturday if we are not going out or entertaining friends then we tend to have the meal deals but this time we just picked up the main course meal from Asda's Extra Special Leiths School of food and wine 'Coq Au Vin' which was absolutely deeeelicious and quite a high calorie value of
457. I had it with one cup of mashed potatoe which is around 174 calories.

My total today is just over 1200 at 1296 but I don't take any off for exercise as I am not sure how much to take off for walking, but I've had a couple of days lower than the 1200 so I'm sure it just balances out. I've not felt hungry until this evening but that was just because we ate dinner late. So far so good :):)

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