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Friday, 16 November 2012


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I popped on the scales this morning, I know you shouldn't go on them that quick but I did feel less bloated and guess what - I lost a whole pound in my first day - brilliant :)


Sorry - same as yesterday as it is my favourite only without a banana this time

2 Chocolate Weetabix with 20ml Skimmed Milk - which made a total of 220 cals


We do a food shop on a Friday so I tend to be thinking about food all morning and have lunch quite late so I decided to have a snack late morning instead of the banana for breakfast.

I had a McVities Hobnob for it's Oaty goodness and they are only 72 calories

By the time I get back from the Supermarket I try to always buy something that I can eat straight away as I am always so hungry and one of my favourites is Asda Fresh Tastes Prawn Layered Salad with creamy cocktail sauce which is 197g and 275 calories, yum, yum...

I only managed the walk around the supermarket today so again I have decided to not allow myself any more calories for exercise so my afternoon treat was not used up.

For dinner I had 100g dried pasta which is 156 calories with Dolmio Sitr In Sun dried Tomato Light Sauce which is 129 calories - very filling and very tasty.

I followed with some Hartley's Sugar Free Raspberry Jelly - one packet makes four portions with only 8 calories per portion so if you wanted you could eat the whole jelly for only 36 calories

So far I've had 868 calories in total so with it being weekend I decided I would have some chocolate for a treat.

My treat is four Toblerone Minis which are 125 calories for four, which brings my total amount today to 993 - a really good day today.


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