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Tuesday, 17 September 2013


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1. Eat Greek yoghurt as its protein content has twice as much as other yoghurts and is

a fat fighting food.

2. Sip sweet liquorice, like fennel tea as it’s a natural diuretic and helps you to feel


3. Eat wheat germ and oats as studies have demonstrated they can work magic with

your organism and keep your metabolism on top speed.

4. Eat vegetable soup as a starter to lose weight, as the fibre causes the rest of the

meal to pass through your digestive system more quickly.

5. Eat two eggs with low GI carbohydrate bread (rye or wholemeal) as it is slower to

digest and eggs have been found to reduce the number of calories eaten at lunchtime.

6. Keep a sugar free jelly made up in the fridge as it’s great when you fancy

something sweet.

7. Eat more protein as it’s harder for your body to break down than fat or

carbohydrates, and so you’ll burn more calories by eating it.

8. Eat an apple when your feeling hungry as five grains of fibre in a medium apple

will take the edge off your hunger. Eat an apple 15 minutes before your meal to feel

full. When digested they produce the hormone GLP-1, which sends messages to the

brain that you are full.

9. Cleanse your body of harmful impurities by using fruits such as acaiberry. Harmful

chemicals that are ingested add layers of fat to your body as well as clog your organs.

10. Eat hot peppers as they contain a flavourless compound called ‘capsaicin’ which

can curb your appetite and speed up your metabolism slightly.

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