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Wednesday, 25 September 2013


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I suppose my weight “issue” has been with me since my teenage years, I’ve yo-yoed for goodness knows how long but it has always ended up going back on again. I’ve tried every diet imaginable from the Cabbage Soup Diet to the British Heart Foundation Diet, I even went on a Mars Bar Diet (I was in heaven for a week). I’ve also joined every slimming club you could join, and I’ve been to most health farms and “yes” I’ve lost the weight with them all but slowly its crept back on again. I’m not knocking the slimming club’s successes of which I was one a few years back, but I realised I needed to try something completely different.

My main problem is that I cannot do any exercise, apart from moderate walking (slowly) as I have a big back problem (four failed back surgeries) and it has now reached the stage where I can do very little without it aggravating my back. I became quite despondent and even did a home study course on “Weight Consultancy”, thinking that maybe I could set myself up as a Diet Consultant in order to keep my own weight in tune but although I passed with flying colours I knew I was not fit enough to take it any further.

Some of my medications side effect is weight gain but its easy to use that as an excuse and I have been told in the past that weight gain contributes to back problems however I do feel society is prejudiced against overweight people and as weight is solely inflicted I felt I needed to bite the bullet before it got any worse.

Most days I have to sleep for a couple of hours each afternoon to help recharge my batteries (it helps with the pain) and although I’ve read many an article on how you lose weight when you sleep, it certainly didn’t work for me. Over the last year I had put on another stone and every morning I was going on “another” diet but I just ended up being totally obsessed with food.

Then a miracle happened, I met Margaret Turner, a qualified Hypnotherapist and who specialises in Weight Loss. My friends and family were very supportive of me trying yet another diet ( your not allowed to call it that when you see Margaret) although a few I must admit were quite sceptical as to how it would help me, but they were soon amazed at how much weight I was losing.

For the first time in my life, I have stopped thinking about food and also stopped picking in between meals, if I fancy anything between meals then I grab a piece of fruit instead. My husband said one of the first things that he noticed was that I had stopped picking literally “overnight” and also that I had cut how much I ate at a main meal by half. At first I found it quite hard to leave food on the plate when I felt full, having been brought up to clear my plate at every meal. The best part of this weight loss programme (not a diet) is that I feel in total control of my eating habits. I don’t need to weigh food, see what calories, points or fat units they are as I know what not to eat having been on so many diets before. Now, because I don’t think about food like I used to, I don’t eat it until its meal times and I feel so much fuller afterwards. Don’t get me wrong I am a true chocoholic and if you put a large block of chocolate in front of me now, the chances are I would try and finish it but I know I would feel so full after it that I would not need anything else for some time. My friends know what a chocoholic I am and we only recently went to a dinner party when my friend made me a delicious chocolate bread and butter pudding and I had two portions of it but because she had told me about it before we started the meal I made a point of being careful of what I ate before the pudding came.

My weight is now going slowly but surely at 1 – 2lbs a week which is how they want you to lose it and on some weeks I stay the same but it is the first time “ever” I have gone on holiday for a week and not put any weight on!! I have had no weight “gain” since I had my first hypnosis session. I know Margaret is there for me if I need any more sessions but I am sure I won’t need to go back for any as I enjoy the 4 x CD’s she made up for me and quite often put them on when I go upstairs for a rest in the afternoon.

I personally cannot recommend it enough but you really must want to lose weight with all your heart for this to work and not because someone has told you to lose it. I was so focused when I first went to Margaret that it just sunk in after each session. Unfortunately the most frustrating thing for me is that it hasn’t helped at all with my back pain but I definitely feel a lot better in myself, which has to be the best tonic you can have anyway.

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