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Friday, 29 April 2011



The Go Lower diet is a high protein, low carbohydrate four month weight loss programme that claims you can lose up to three stones!! They say that their reason for this claim is that by cutting back on carbohydrates the body goes into ketosis, which is the state in which stored fat is burned and converted into energy.

They say that it 'triggers the body’s natural fat-burning process, using just real food
No shakes, no meal replacements.
Supportive and personal
Because losing weight is so much harder on your own, we provide on-to-one support from our team of motivational and nutrition experts. They provide support and expertise throughout your programme.
go lower is unique by offering one to one nutritionist support .
because we only use real food, we are able to retrain your taste buds and change your relationship with food to ensure you'll keep the inches off for life.
With no need for gym, meetings or lectures, go lower gives you a fast, sustained inch and weight loss solution.

The cost is £960 for 16 weeks and you can find out more about this diet on

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