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Wednesday, 6 April 2011


Sorry I have been unable to write my blogs over the last couple of months but my Dad collapsed in January due to a heart condition and caring for step mum who has dementia.

It's taken the last two months to get mum sorted in a care home and rearrange dads flat to now suite his needs.

He is to have a pacemaker put in some time this month, Mum is settled although had a bad fall last week and banged her head and they have found a small tumour in her brain but they are not going to operate as they think it should be left alone.

My life, dads life and mums has changed considerably over the last couple of months and mine and dads will not be back to our usual routine until he has the operation and is recovered from it.

The problem is that he is 100 miles away from me so therefore I am back and forth trying to sort things out. We have changed his second bedroom which he was using as a study back to a second bedroom for me and my husband so that should make things a little easier. Especially as I have major problems with my back and need to rest every afternoon which I was not doing while commuting back and forth.

I obviously stopped going to Weight Watchers and gained a few pounds from when I first started but have rejoined again now.

I have lost a pound and a half for the last two weeks and can honestly say that I have not felt as if I have been on a diet at all. During the last couple of months of caring for Dad I have had loads of magazines to read and have been slowly making a note of diet tips I have read here there and everywhere and some of them are definitely working.

So, instead of you following me losing weight on a weight watchers diet I plan to post as often as I can with tips to help you lose weight without actually dieting. I am trying to get one for every day of the year so keep reading my blog for updates.

Thank you for following me during my large gap in writing on the blog.

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