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Sunday, 26 August 2007

Diet and Hypnosis

As you know I have been away for the past two weeks in Spain and the Isle of Man and had just finished a course of hypnotherapy sessions to help me lose weight. Well the good news is that even though I've been eating out for the past two weeks I have still managed to lose a total of 16 lbs in 8 weeks. Isn't that amazing, it truly works. I have tried every diet in the book, joined every slimming club and been to most health farms and years ago even tried the diet pills but this is so different from all the others as you are not "on a diet" as such as it teaches your subconscious how to feel full on less.

I saw Margaret Turner who is the wife of Clem Turner who are both fully qualified hypnotherapists but Margaret specialises in weight loss. After six sessions with her I came home with four cd's to listen to and listen to them I have, every day without fail. After listening to one for a couple of days I would change to 2, then 3, then 4 and always fell asleep while listening to them. The weight loss has dropped off with 2lbs a week which is what they want you to lose simply by my subconsious stopping me from thinking about food all the time. Whenever I went on a diet before, all I did was think about food, the points I'd used up and what points I had left etc but with this weight loss programme (not referred to as diet) you carry on as normal except that somehow I never think about food anymore and when I have a meal I am always full with half what I ate before. While I was away I never once managed to finish my main course and never managed a sweet simply because I felt full. I'm so excited about the whole concept of hypnosis that I am now going to read as much as I can on doing it for pain management with the help of CLT.

Ask me any questions you want about it as I'm sure I can answer them. It is definitely worth it, all I would say is that you really need to be in a mood to want to lose weight to be strict with the listening of the tapes for it to work properly and think of it as a long term commitment and if you stop listening to them you will probably need to go back to them in the future, especially if you have been a serial dieter like me !!

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