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Wednesday, 29 August 2007

The dreaded epidural !!

Well that time has come around again and I am off for another epidural in my lumber spine. I think my back knew it was coming as I was just shaking my pillow this morning and something went !!!! I've been in agony ever since so ready for anything this afternoon.

The blue skies are deep blue here this morning with the sun shining bright but there is a definite chill in the air and a feeling of Autumn drawing in. When I let the dogs out this morning they both came back with wet feet from the dew on the grass.

I'm looking after my friend's miniature poodle at the moment (mine is a toy - and yes, smaller than the miniature !!) and she is as mad as a hatter and jumps up to about 4ft to get your attention. She is only one year old and could really do with being sent to boot camp as she really needs to start learning the meaning of "no". We covered our small pond outside with trellis fencing but she has jumped on that and broken it (trying to catch a wasp) so we have to keep our eye on her all day. But they are such fun to have around and we are constantly giggling after she's got up to more trouble.

I know I will have to rest after the epidural this afternoon so I'm hoping she will behave later on !!


rollie said...

yo, this is rollie. i was in and look at your blog. Dogs can be fun, i had 5 at one time. I like your blog. In time you will have lots of peoples reading your blog.

BarMc said...

hi rollie

Thanks for reading my blog. Glad you like it. I will keep at it and hope more people pop by to read it.