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Sunday, 26 August 2007

Edinburgh 10K Marathon and Battersea 5K Marathon

I know I joined this blog after these two marathons but I just thought you might like to know about how good they were and where we stayed etc.

Our first marathon was the Edinburgh 10K which my son and his girlfriend decided to run on Sunday 6th May ( first May Bank Holiday) I decided right from the beginning that I wanted to stay in an apartment so that we had the freedom to come and go as we please and also so that my son and his girlfriend could come to after the race and have a shower and clean up before there flight home as they were only staying the one night and would have to vacate there room at the usual time.

The apartment was brilliant. I found it on and Trudi Cueto looked after us on arrival. It was very comfy and minimalistic in style which suits a weekend away. We had a nice quiet night in the first night as it had taken us nearly 8 hours to get there and then we decided to hit the shops on the Saturday. The weather was dry and pleasant and I found Edinburgh city to be very pretty with plenty of different shops and a very good department store. My son and his girlfriend arrived after lunch and were staying at Le Monde Hotel right in the city centre. The Hotel has its bedrooms themed around different parts of the world from Los Angeles, Paris, Tokyo, New York, Milan, Dublin, Sydney, Barcelona, Shanghai, and Vienna and they both thought it was really different and terrific value for money. Take a look at there website and see for yourself

It was my son's girlfriend's first marathon and they both did it together in good time. The weather was kind although rather windy for the uphill climbs (which this marathon had plenty) and just as they finished the heavens opened but we were as proud as punch seeing them running it.

After getting the running bug our daughter then decided that she wanted to have a go but went for the 5K Marathon in Battersea Park in London on Monday 28th May (last May Bank Holiday). We stayed in London as we wanted to see a show with our daughter on her last night and then I was getting a train home on the Tuesday. We booked to see "We Will Rock You" which was absolutely terrific. I would highly recommend it, it was very entertaining and a truly brilliant show. The weather was no where near as kind for our daughter and her friend as it poured with rain the whole day ( and I mean poured) but I just get such a kick out of seeing my two doing these marathons ( London was the first we saw) and enjoy the atmosphere so much that I think we would always try to travel and see them. It was also my daughter's first marathon and although had no problem in finished it, she didn't enjoy it as much as our daughter did who has now got the bug and wants to enter a 10K next.

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