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Monday, 20 August 2007

My back pain !!

Oh! forgot to tell you all how my back has been since my epidural before I went away. Well it was truly awesome as the first thing that went were my pins and needles in my fingers and then to my amazement which I'm still not sure how it happened, but my heel pain went almost immediately as well. That has made such a big difference in my day to day living in that I can now walk around without this terrible pain which is still there first thing but goes very quick and I honestly do not now know how on earth I managed to cope with it before.

I've not been able to reduce my painkillers yet as the arm pain is still there and I still need cushions to prop up my arms when I read but you know me I just get on with it.

My next epidural is in the lumber spine and is next week when I know it sounds weird but I am actually looking forward to as I am expecting miracles with this one so lets hope I am not disappointed.

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