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Thursday, 30 August 2007

They couldn't do the epidural - boo !! hoo !!

Can you believe it -I've been waiting for another epidural in my lumber spine to help with the pain, for quite a while and although they are not nice I was looking forward to it in a strange sort of way as I knew the outcome would be good.

So there I am in my theatre gown and name tag on, in the day case unit waiting room surrounded my men who are also in theatre gowns with name tags on (do you get the picture !!!) when the doctor comes to me with the consent form and starts to explain the procedure. It's only then that I mention that the last lumber epidural I had was done in theatre and I was put to sleep.

The look of shock, horror on her face said it all!! They had nothing on the notes about my four previous spinal operations and nothing about the fact that I have a cage in the bottom of my back!! They decide I need an x.ray to see if it is possible to have the injection and after a great deal of thought about how dangerous it could be if the needle hit the cage and also the risk of an infection it was decided it was toooooo risky to take the chance.

I'm not sure whether I just felt relief that I had mentioned my previous epidural or upset that it could have gone ahead and something awful could have happened. Either way I am just glad I brought it up and although I'm a bit gutted I can't have one in my lumber, I am still pleased with how it has helped with the pain in my arms by previously having the one in my cervical spine.
However, I can't help but think "what if" ............................................................


Top-Martyr said...

Greetings! Saw your link on the google discussion. No tips for you, as I'm just getting started with blogger myself.

Re: hypnosis - are you familiar with Stephen Gilligan's work?

BarMc said...

Hi - no I'm not familiar with Stephen Gilligan. Is he a hypnotherapist ? It's sure worked for me but I have seen someone local who specialises in weight loss.