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Monday, 6 August 2007

New Hair Style

Hi - not been here for a week as I've been busy with my daughter home and enjoying every minute of it ( I do miss her) but it's all back to normal again now and I only have a few days before we are off on our hols (brill)

What a change in the weather - too hot last night ( aren't I quick to complain) but you can't escape it at home like you can on holiday. Anyway my hair was cut a couple of weeks ago and for the second time running the sytlist has made a real mess of it and I mean a real mess - I just feel such a reck that I have been saving it until last minute to get it restyled.

Well, I'm off to Keith Hall's in West Bridgford tomorrow for a short back and sides(haven't got much for him to alter anyway) so I'll be back again to let you know how I went on. By the way the website is and they are at 14-18 Central Avenue, West Bridgeford, Notts.

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