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Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Thanks for the opportunity

Thanks for having been allowed to add my experience.

I think this was the book that set me thinking
though you know yourself what your own failings are and so try to prevent them.

Nothing can really prepare you for the minor crisis that comes along that tries to topple you from being positive - I had one such day yesterday waiting for the phone to ring for news of someone’s operation – I succumbed at 6pm and dived into the crisp cupboard usually reserved for my husband’s packed lunches.

A few years ago my Doctor said that being menopausal meant here wasn't much chance of me losing weight - for a while I did have the attitude - why bother? but gradually feeling more and more obese and less active, I began to look at alternatives. I did consider using a widely advertised Slimming pill who when approached said, said I should seek medical advice first, (my faith in the Medical Centre was then at an all time low so instead I began looking at alternatives.

I find if I eat breakfast of cereal then I am hungry again lunchtime but if I have fruit for breakfast then I can survive on a bowl of homemade vegetable soup until we eat our main meal when my husband returns home at 7.30pm.

Being as its that late when we eat then I do try making the meals light so they are more digestible – last night for instance we had baked potato, two rashers of bacon, a spoonful of red cabbage and a fried egg – tonight it will probably be something pasta based – usually its fruit for dessert. I don’t drink alcohol so know I don’t have to cut that back – Saturday nights (card night) I have a glass of bitter lemon to be social able.

I need to find a job and begin walking to work again then I am sure the pounds will fall much faster than they do at the moment.

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Anonymous said...

Buy a dog instead of finding a job or set yourself up as a dog walker - you will soon loose a few inches that way. B x