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Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Not a bad dieting day today so hope for me yet !!!

I felt quite positive after my walk with the dog this morning even though I was going out for lunch. I'd decided last night to start the Slimming World diet with some friends who went back to the club last night, which I will go back to in a couple of weeks.

I had a lunch with the girls today (15 of us) at a College where the students cook for you and its a three course meal for £5.95 which is soooooooooo cheap. I knew a 3 course lunch was a no no for me as I just feel uncomfortable for the rest of the day but with one of my other dieting friends with me we looked at the menu and decided we could do a green day.

I opted for no starter and a macaroni cheese main course meal followed by rice pudding which of course you can do on your green day and I felt sooooooo full after it, I just couldn't wait to get home to take my skirt of. But the good thing was that I didn't feel like dinner so just had a taste of the vegetables I'd cooked for my husband with pork and new potatoes. I did have a bowl of fresh fruit salad which I just adore and can always find room for but all in all not a bad days dieting.

Lets hope tomorrow is as succesfull. As you can see from the post before this I have another friend who has written about her dieting day which I do think will mean we can help each other get through one way or another so do keep in touch if you want to put anything on this blog that might help us.

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