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Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Can't join Slimming World tonight

I was really up for rejoining Slimming World Club again tonight with my friend after a good day yesterday and I've hardly ate anything today. But there is a reason I'm not eating much and that's because my back has gone out again and I think it has something to do with the pain, as I just don't feel like much at all.

I hope it settles down soon as when its bad like this I cannot do anything really except rest, rest, and rest which means no burning up of calories.

I've managed to keep myself busy as I've set up a new blog for my local community and also a Facebook page and to be honest with you I do find writing does take my mind off the pain.

I'm hoping the scales tomorrow will show a weight loss, as I've had a red day yesterday (protein) and a green day (carbohydrates) again today without any worries although I must admit I do still find I am fuller on a green day rather than a red.

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