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Friday, 12 March 2010

Started the day full of enthusiasm

Well I've started the day full of enthusiasm and have been on a 20 minute walk with the dog and only had one slice of toast instead of my usual two. I had words with my husband this morning to hide any chocolate that is left from what he bought yesterday and I am just about to sit down with my Slimming World book to make my shopping list. Lets hope the rest of my day continues like this.

Its now evening and I've managed to get through today really well without feeling too hungry. For lunch I had a baked potato filled with a small tin of Heinz Spaghetti followed by a fat free yogurt which is all free on a green day on Slimming World.

I bought myself some chocolate limes as they looked the lowest of all the sweets to have in instead of chocolate and had my allowance of three throughout the day. During the afternoon I just had an apple and for dinner I had another very large baked potato filled with Cottage Cheese and Pineapple which really made me feel full.

I decided to do a Green Day for the start of my diet as I find Carbohydrates far more filling than Protein and with fruit being free on both days I knew I could enjoy that in between each meal.
I finished my evening meal off with a bowl of strawberries and a tablespoon of low fat creme fresh.
My sins have reach 10 and I can have up to 15 but I am quite full enough so wont eat any more today.

I'm not one of these people who can leave it a week before I weigh myself so will be on the scales first thing tomorrow and hope that I have lost at least a few ounces. I've also phoned a friend up today who is going to the local Slimming World Club to say that I will join her on Tuesday.

I feel totally motivated today and really hope it stays over the weekend as we have some friends coming tomorrow for the rest of the weekend and have booked a meal at an Italian Restaurant but I have said I will drive to avoid having any alcohol.

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