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Thursday, 11 March 2010

Another bad dieting day !!!!!

After such a cold winter I'm sure most dieters like me, have over filled themselves with food to make them feel better. Personally, I was gutted when I weighed myself a few weeks ago before a short holiday to find out that I had put on all my weight loss from before Christmas and vowed I would be good on holiday taking advantage of not having food around me all the time.

Unfortunately the weather in Spain was even worse than here with constant rain which led to more over indulgence just for something to do. I haven't dared weigh myself today and was determined to start straight away but having not done a shop I have just eaten what I have in.

I started the day well with two slices of wholemeal bread without butter with just a little spread of marmalade. I only drink skimmed milk at home so I have probably had about a quarter of a pint throughout the day in my tea's and coffee's. All was going ok when lunch time came and I had the same again as I had not had time to go for a food shop.

Then came my temptations in the way of chocolate which my other half had picked up while buying some milk. A bar of galaxy which I ate so quickly that I didn't have chance to even think about whether I should eat it or not.

Dinner was grilled salmon and a couple of new potatoes but with nothing else in my husband showed me some more chocolates that he had bought. Chocolate raisins which again I ate a handful without thinking of the consequences.

Why is it so flippin hard to diet when I could have had a really good day today?

I have decided it is now essential that I write a food diary daily and plan to follow the Slimming World Diet from tomorrow and join the club next week. You can follow my dieting days which I know will be full of good and bad days, but maybe just the fact that I am letting strangers read about my eating habits that I just might help me stick to the diet and finally lose some weight.

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