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Sunday, 14 March 2010

Why is losing weight so hard?

Another day gone by and after having two such fabulous days I was really chuffed yesterday when I found out that I had lost 3lbs since Thursday (48hrs) which obviously had something to do with fluid while away on holiday.

Anyway, I felt so chuffed with myself that I decided I would do another carb day and treat myself to a hot cross bun at tea time as we had some friends coming over for the night and were arriving around 4ish.

I kept on the carbs all day and had porridge for breakfast then melon, banana and cottage cheese for lunch followed by a low fat yogurt. I enjoyed the hot cross bun at tea time and had already decided I would drive to the Italian that night so that I would just drink low cal drinks.

Everything was going hunky dory until we sat waiting for our food. The Restaurant was mega mega busy and we seemed to be the last table in a full Restaurant at 8.30pm by which stage we were all rather hungry. Forty five minutes later and we had only just got our drinks order but we were all so hungry that we asked for some garlic bread to nibble on. Big mistake number one !! My starter was Mussels which isn't exactly filling but when I ordered it I was thinking of my diet but by the time it arrived I was dipping the bread in the sauce like my throat had been cut.

My main course was pasta with a tomato sauce which I knew would be ok on a green/carb day so enjoyed that but again we had to wait a while so when it did come I completely cleared the plate of pasta.

By this stage everyone except for myself on the table (4 of us) were well and truly tanked up after drinking for so long and they all wanted a sweet course - mistake number two!!! I said I would share my husbands.He'd ordered chocolate and vanilla ice-cream which arrived with a gorgeous chocolate stick in it.

I'm sure by now you know what I am going to say and yes I really did enjoy the biscuit and most of the chocolate ice cream as well. I did then persuade us all to go home for coffee before any more goodies arrived at the table but when I got home I decided to have a last drink with the others as I was just not in the same frame of mind as anyone else ( you know the feeling).

I opted for Bailey's so I'm sure you know the outcome and a few Bailey's later we all retired to bed and yes when I got on the scales this morning the two pounds I had lost was straight back on again with another half pound thrown in for good measure.

Today being Mother's Day my husband has cooked all day for me and we all had bacon sandwiches for breakfast which was fine as I had already decided today would be a red/protein day. After our friends left I went for a long walk, well 20 minutes, but seemed long to me. We did not have lunch until late afternoon as other members of the family were coming but I just about managed to wait until it was ready, even though I was really really hungry.

Fortunately I did say to the kids no chocolates for Mothers Day but deep down I was hoping some would arrive so I could use the excuse that I had to eat them as it was Mothers Day but instead got some lovely fresh flowers.

Lunch cooked by my husband was lovely and perfect for my diet which was roast lamb with vegetables followed by strawberries and creme fresh. Its now 7pm and I am still not feeling hungry and back into the lose weight mode and just hope that tomorrow can be as successful as last Thursday and Friday as I join the Slimming Club on Tuesday night !!!!!

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